Specialized Medical Claims Administration

Increase accuracy and maximize payments

Not all medical claims are the same. Depending on the payer or the structure of the engagement, policies and regulations can be challenging.

Apprio makes it easy.

Put technology to work for your claims team

Our team of healthcare experts has experience with a variety of third-party claims administration situations. We will design and execute an administration process that is efficient and compliant with all required audit standards and protocols.


By utilizing the Apprio’s claims professionals team, you can dramatically reduce processing time, minimize claim rejections, and accelerate payment determinations.

Transform and overcome your operational challenges

By addressing specialized medical claims properly, you can rest assured that all payment activity is done in a timely manner and administered as specified in plan documents or agency guidelines. This translates to ease of mind for leadership and lower operational and budgetary burdens for your organization.


  • Lessen fraud, waste, and abuse
  • Reduce billing errors
  • Forecast operational costs
  • Evaluate types of claims for focused analytics
  • Match claim amounts to contracted fee schedules
  • Comply with applicable billing and coding regulations
  • Standardize data processes

Your partner of choice

Find out why healthcare organizations and federal agencies choose Apprio to deliver solutions that strengthen financial performance. With Apprio, we can help your organization.