Health Preparedness and Response

Ensure public health and safety during emergencies and natural disasters

Emergencies and natural disasters happen. How you respond to such events is only as good as how you prepare.

We help public health and emergency management agencies plan for the unexpected.

Be ready to answer the call

Healthcare organizations and government agencies must maintain a state of profes­sional readiness for emergency events. This begins with ensuring personnel have proper training.

Apprio helps agencies prepare for pandemics, weather events, and other public health and safety threats. With advanced IT, program and risk management, and strategic communications solutions, your team can be ready for any emergency.

Get the right tools

Apprio training focuses on the critical first 48 hours. We help clients measure the performance of their so they can achieve their missions when emergencies occur.

Services we provide include:


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Find out why our nation’s top federal agencies rely on Apprio to prepare and respond to emergency situations.