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Apprio delivers smart automation, robust analytics, and efficient support services that streamline workflows to ensure operational efficiency. Our solutions help reduce administrative burden, improve financial performance, and maximize the use of human capital throughout your organization.
Apprio delivers smart automation for healthcare.

With expert AI, analytics, and support, you can reduce administrative burden, improve financial performance, and maximize the use of human capital.

KLAS Emerging Insights Case Study: Apprio’s Revenue Cycle Management Automation Solutions Improve Efficiency, Decrease Burden, and Enhance Cashflow

You deliver high-quality care.
Apprio delivers a healthy bottom line.

Maximize revenue through efficient workflows and smart automation

Guide patients with compassion and respect through complex enrollment processes

Reduce administrative inefficiencies and improve operational metrics

Get timely financial insights to inform business decisions that benefit patients

Improve patient experience and satisfaction

Ensure operational continuity across all contingencies

For hospitals, health systems, and government healthcare agencies, everything you do is for people in need. And when operational and financial performance are strong, you can dedicate more resources to patients and victims of disaster.

Automation & Revenue Cycle Management

Automate routine workflows that overburden your care and administration teams with robotic process automation (RPA) – with zero upfront costs and minimal disruption to your IT team.

Patient eligibility & enrollment

Identify and secure assistance to help patients live healthier lives and maximize your reimbursement for care delivered. Our patient-centered approach connects individuals and families with federal, state, and local support.

Disability enrollment

Let our team guide your patients through the disability application and appeals process. With compassionate legal and clinical assistance, patients and families can receive life-changing benefits – decreasing your accounts receivable.

Healthcare Clinical Staffing

Prevent and resolve gaps in patient care with temporary physicians, advanced practitioners, nurses, and allied medical staff. Through TopDocs, we place fully vetted professionals with all necessary qualifications and malpractice coverage.

Specialized medical claims administration

Achieve sustainable cash flow through quick, accurate claims submissions. Our experts help you submit claims that maximize payment in line with payer and federal guidelines (including MACRA and MIPS).

Healthcare Preparedness & Response

Mitigate risks and optimize resources for continuous operation during patient surges and other emergencies. Trusted by federal disaster response more than 20 years, Apprio assists organizations with planning, response, and recovery during critical situations.

Medical provider credentialing

Let our team of experts execute all necessary activities associated with provider enrollment and medical credentialing so you can focus on mission-critical business functions.

Healthcare analytics

Mine your structured and unstructured data to improve hospital operations and resource management. Our analysts help you manage risk, lower costs, support data-driven clinical decisions, and improve care access and delivery.

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Apprio Products

Next-generation patient enrollment

Improve your financial and health equity performance by securing cost-effective coverage for patients under the Affordable Care Act (ACA).

Automate efforts to transform patients from self-pay into insured status.

Next-generation robotic process automation

Streamline processes and cut costs by automating scheduling, prior authorization, claims statusing, denial prevention, and more.

Get all the benefits of automation without startup or capital expenses and without disrupting your healthcare IT operations.

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