Medical Credentialing and Provider Enrollment

Proven credentialing and enrollment solutions for providers and healthcare agencies of all sizes

Provider enrollment and medical credentialing are highly regulated and time-consuming processes. They are critical to the success of your business. Errors and missed deadlines can put patients at risk and delay reimbursements for care.

With Apprio, you can streamline all phases without compromising accuracy.

Medical Credentialing and Provider Enrollment Experts

Every healthcare organization has unique credentialing and enrollment needs. Our experts help identify and implement the right combination of software, automation, and services for your organization.

Medical Credentialing

Proven medical credentialing solutions for providers and healthcare agencies of all sizes

Your patients expect their healthcare providers to meet all standards for competence and quality. We help you confirm that.

Our experts prepare initial and re-credentialing packets that adhere to the National Committee for Quality Assurance (NCQA) standards. And we manage the process–from onboarding to renewal of associated licensure and verification activity.

Streamline all your credentialing needs

NCQA-compliant primary source verification and credentialing processes

Industry best practice guidelines

Automation-driven technology solutions

Comprehensive service offerings

Workflow customizations

Provider Enrollment

Maintain and expand your payer network and accelerate payment

Most patients seek health providers who are in their payer networks, whether through private insurance or a state or federal program.

Let Apprio handle this for you. We already help thousands of providers manage their provider enrollment processes, ensuring they are eligible for quick and appropriate payment for care.

Comprehensive provider enrollment/revalidation with all major payers, including Medicare

Verification and validation for all medical and behavioral health specialties

Timely enrollment to maximize revenues

Automated workflows and customized credentialing software

With Apprio, you can focus on providing care, while we ensure you’re set up to receive full reimbursements

Your partner of choice

Thousands of healthcare providers have relied on Apprio for credentialing and enrollment – from local practices to nationwide networks of specialty care providers.

Find out why these organizations choose Apprio to automate and streamline essential back-office processes and workflows.