Automation & Revenue Cycle Management

Reduce accounts receivable, maximize revenue, and improve cash on hand

Filing claims and collecting payment for services provided is a complex process. It’s time consuming, tedious, and even redundant – with multiple touchpoints between providers, patients, government and private payers, and others.

With Apprio, you can automate and accelerate many routine tasks

Automation streamlines all aspects of revenue cycle management. A McKinsey & Co. study found that a third of health care claims and data processing could be automated and reduce costs.

With accurate, timely claims and management of outstanding accounts, you can reclaim valuable time for back-office staff while maximizing your human capital.

Automation ROI with zero upfront costs

Apprio delivers a state-of-the-art automation solution as a service – deployed and delivered in a secure cloud. That means no upfront implementation costs.

Your fixed, all-inclusive monthly price includes:

Automation development

Technology licensing fees

Cloud storage and security via Amazon Web Services (AWS)

Ongoing monitoring, management, and issue resolution

Combining automation with healthcare industry expertise

Exclusive partner of UiPath serving mid-market healthcare organizations

Our team has deployed more than 100 successful automations that feature advanced integrations with EMRs and payers. Clients trust our deep knowledge of healthcare billing and reimbursement, plus UiPath’s AI-powered automation, to help ensure they receive timely reimbursement for claims and improve operating efficiencies.

One remedy for a healthy revenue cycle

Everything you do is for people in need. When operational and financial performance is strong, you can dedicate more resources to patients and families.

Optimize your staff resources

With automation you can reduce costly mistakes, ensuring accurate payment for services rendered.

Monitor claim status & address payment barriers

Reduce claim denials

Secure authorizations

Correct & resubmit admin denials

Manage aged claims

Collect on large-volume payers & complex claims

Reduce days in accounts receivable

Manage Medicaid applications & appeals

Your partner of choice

Find out why hospitals and healthcare organizations choose Apprio to deliver automations that strengthen financial performance. With automation through Apprio, we can help your organization: