Patient enrollment & eligibility

Secure coverage for your patients and maximize reimbursement

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Your patients need to focus on healing, not medical expenses. With Apprio, they can.

We help hospitals and physician offices identify and secure all available coverage options, giving patients peace of mind and improving accounts receivable.

Accounting for care

With our enrollment tools and services, your patients get enrolled in any local, state, and federal programs for which they qualify. We also identify other sources of coverage, including socio-economic programs, workers compensation, COBRA benefits, and third-party claims.

Tireless advocates who know the payer landscape

Your care teams never stop working to address their patients’ health needs. We take the same approach – working diligently to ensure you receive reimbursement for that care.

Our systems and services dig deep to find all available sources of revenue so you can extend care to every patient who needs it.

screening for potential coverage sources includes

  • State Medicaid-specific programs
  • Disability (SSI/SSDI)
  • Federal crime victims
  • Indian Health Services
  • Miscellaneous private policies
  • Motor vehicle
  • Newborn programs
  • Nursing home placement
  • Primary Care Access Network
  • Share of cost
  • State/county indigent coverage
  • Third-party liability
  • Veterans Administration
  • Workers’ compensation

Patient-focused services that span the revenue cycle

Verification & Personal Screening

Our enrollment specialists help patients identify potential coverage from the full range of sources and programs that may be responsible for medical costs.

Onsite Patient Engagement

Our specialists work at your facilities to educate patients about the services available to them, assist with any paperwork and applications, and secure rapid enrollment.

Patient Disability Qualifiers

Our team scans for immediate qualifiers for Medicaid eligibility, such as a pregnancy or a disabling condition. We review medical histories to identify serious or chronic medical conditions that may also meet Social Security Administration or state disability criteria.

Proactive & Regular Contact

Apprio specialists follow up on patient cases at least every 10 days. Throughout the process, we track treatment outcomes that may impact enrollment applications and answer patient questions with compassion and care.

Your partner of choice

Find out why hospitals and healthcare organizations choose Apprio to advocate for patients and strengthen financial performance.